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About Halloween Crazy Costumes

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Top Crazy, Funny and Ridiculous Costumes for Halloween!

Halloween Crazy Costumes

Hilarious Big Foot Costume

Are you looking for some Halloween crazy costumes?

You are on the ‘craziest’ Halloween website!
Here you are going to find the most hilarious, crazy, bizarre and ridiculous Halloween costumes ever created! 🙂

*How about going as a giant foot? (Literally…)
It’s hilarious!!

Why wear a boring vampire or witch costume if you can be a toilet or a super sperm?

More and more people are choosing crazy and ridiculous Halloween costumes instead of ‘classy’ costumes…

Stand out from the crowd of vampires, mummies and witches by wearing a crazy costume next Halloween!

On the next pages you will find only hilarious and ridiculous Halloween costume ideas!

I hope you enjoy my selections and have fun!

*All Halloween crazy costumes and accessories displayed on this website were selected based on research done online and my personal opinion.

Adult Funny Toilet Seat Halloween Costume

Perhaps you need to use the toilet?
Be one next Halloween!
This fun and crazy toilet seat costume will have everyone running towards you after a few beers… Run the other way!!

Definitely one of my favorite hilarious Halloween costumes for adults around!
Have fun!

Hilarious Adult Venus Flytrap Costume for Adults!

Funny Adult Venus Flytrap Costume

Funny Adult Venus Flytrap Costume

Love carnivorous plants guys?
How about dressing up as a dangerous carnivorous plant this year?

Perfect ridiculous costume to wear for a costume party!!
Mosquitoes and flies, BEWARE!
I bet you will be the only one!
Have fun!

Funny Alien Abduction Costume for Adults

Halloween crazy costumes Alien

Inflatable Alien Costume

Crazy Inflatable Alien Costume Adult

If you have always dreamed about being abducted by an alien, here is your chance!

This funny inflatable green alien costume for adults is one of the most hilarious Halloween costumes around!
It is a gigantic funny costume!
Have fun! 🙂

Funny Man-Eating Shark Costume

Funny Man Eating Shark Costume

Funny Man Eating Shark Costume

This man-eating shark costume is one of the most popular hilarious Halloween costume choices around!
It’s very funny and kids and adults love it!

Inflatable Bathtub Hilarious Adult Costume!

Hilarious Halloween costumes for sale

Bathtub Cosplay Costume

Funny Bathtub Cosplay Costume

How about going as a bathtub? (What you see is what you get…)

It’s one of the most ridiculous Halloween costumes around!
Don’t forget to drain the water when you’re done!

Super Sperm Donor Funny Costume for Men!

Crazy and Hilarious Men’s Halloween Costumes

funny sperm costume for men

Men’s Adult Donor Costume

Men’s Adult Sperm Donor

Is it a plane?
Maybe it’s a bird?
How about a fish?
No! It’s the super sperm donor!

How about a Fun Giant Penis Costume?

Giant Penis Costume

Penis Costume

Funny Penis Costume Costumes Inflatable Penis-Coffee Color

Well, after the super sperm it’s only fair that I show you a penis costume!
Now you guys can be a ‘happy penis’ all the time! 🙂

(Even though this penis looks scared… for whatever reason…)

Giant Inflatable Baby Hilarious Costume

Funny Baby Inflatable Adult Costume

Daddy’s Girl Baby Inflatable Adult Costume

Rubie’s Men’s Daddy’s Girl, As Shown, One Size

Well… I guess this costume is pretty much self-explanatory…

So… are you a big baby, guys?
Then dress like one!

This funny giant inflatable baby girl costume will surely make you stand out in the crowd!
I bet all the mommies will want to take a closer look…

One of the most ridiculous costumes for adults!

Funny Soccer Ball Costume

Funny Soccer Ball Costume for Men

Inflatable Soccer Ball Costume

Hilarious Inflatable Soccer Ball Costume

Love soccer?
Then dress as a soccer ball!

I had never seen this funny soccer ball costume for adults before!
I guarantee you will be the only soccer ball at the party!
Happy ‘goal’!

Men’s Monkeyin’ Around Costume

Halloween Craziest Men Costumes!

funny costumes for men

Men’s Monkeyin’ Around Costume

Do you love to ‘monkey around’ no matter where you are?

Then I guess you found the perfect costume for you!

(Don’t forget the bananas!)

Craziest Halloween Costume Ever!

Upside Down Crazy Lady Costume

crazy Halloween costumes

Upside Down Crazy Lady Costume

Upside-down Crazy Lady Costume, Green, One Size

This is by far one of the craziest and most bizarre Halloween costumes for adults ever created!!
It is an upside down crazy evil lady costume!
(She definitely looks possessed!)

Adult Ice Cream Cone Costume

Cheap Funny and Ridiculous Costume for Adults!

Ice Cream Cone – Adult Costume

Ice Cream Cone – Adult Costume

I love vanilla ice-cream cones!!
They are the best!
If you also can’t live without your vanilla cone, then become one! 🙂

Make sure you wear a vanilla fragrance too, when wearing this funny ice-cream cone Halloween costume!

*To keep browsing through the funniest and most ridiculous crazy Halloween costumes visit my other pages and have fun at your party! 🙂