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Adult Ghost Costumes

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links.
**All links on this page are affiliate links, meaning I get commissions for purchases made through those links on this page at no additional cost to you.

My Top Picks Best Adult Ghost Costumes for Halloween!

Adult Ghost Costumes

Adult Ghost Costumes

Are you ready to become a real ghost for a day?
(Well, not really, but actually look like one!)

I found some amazing and very realistic adult ghost costumes for sale!
Perfect to wear not only on Halloween parties, but also to walk around at midnight on your neighborhood…
(Even better if you do that near a cemetery….)

Just kidding! (But you get the meaning…)

*To look like this ghostly gentleman you see on this picture, you will also need to wear some white makeup on your face and neck ok?
Isn’t it ghostly awesome?

Ghostly Lady Adult Costume

Cool Ghost Costume for Women!

Cool Ghost Costume for Women

Ghostly Lady Adult Costume

This is a very cool and very realistic too ghost outfit for women!
It includes everything you see except for the ghostly makeup.

(I can’t help but imagine wearing this and wandering around a cemetery….I bet you would have scared folks running away! Or taking your picture!)

Also perfect ghost couple costume! Your boyfriend or husband wears the gentleman ghost one and you wear this one!
Have a happy ghostly spooky Halloween party! 🙂

Corpse Countess: Fabulous Ghost Costume for Women!

Ghost Costume for Women

Corpse Countess Ghost Costume for Women

Hello corpse countess!

Another awesome and real looking ghost costume for women! (Not that we actually know what a real ghost would look like… right??)

It is very well-made and will definitely make you look like you stepped out of a past century!
In your ghostly form!
Very elegant ghost lady, I might add…

Women’s Ghost Bride Cape

Women’s Ghost Bride Cape

Women’s Ghost Bride Cape

Very creepy, high-quality, ghost bride white layered cape for sale!
(Can you imagine walking alongside a roadway in the middle of the night wearing this?)

You can also wear a white dress underneath and paint your face all in white too….

Haunting Beauty: Shredded Gown Ghost Costume

Lady Ghost Costume

Haunting Beauty Lady Ghost Costume

If you want to look like a ‘pretty ghost lady’ instead of scary, then this shredded gown ghost costume might be for you!
(You can still wear the white face makeup with a red lipstick to make you look more ghostly…)

Very Cool Haunting Spirit Costume for Men or Women!

Haunting Spirit Costume for Adults

Haunting Spirit Costume for Adults

Who knew spirits wore clothes?
Well, some of them do…
I think…

Anyways, if you want to look like a a scary haunting spirit on Halloween night, then wear this ghostly white shredded robe!
Wear some white makeup, maybe a purple lipstick or something and look scary!
Have fun!

Awesome Ghost Pirate Costume for Men!

Ghost Pirate Costume for Men

Ghost Pirate Costume for Men

Check this out!
This is one of the coolest ghost costumes for men around!
It’s a ghost (skeleton) pirate costume!
(How can a skeleton also be a ghost? Weird…)

You will get everything you see on the picture except for the black boots and the pirate sword.

Creepy Women’s Ghost Town Widow Costume

Women's Ghost Town Widow Costume

Women’s Ghost Town Widow Costume

Oh no…
It’s the ghost town widow!
She is coming our way!

What does she want?
I am not going to stick around to find out!

Perfect scary ghost costume for women, isn’t it?
The price is not that bad either…

Lady Gruesome Costume

Cheap Spooky Ghost Costume for Women!

Spooky Lady Gruesome Costume

Spooky Lady Gruesome Costume

This gruesome lady ghost outfit is one of the cheapest spooky ghost costumes for women for sale that I could find…

You will get the spooky black dress and the hair piece.
Just wear some tall black platform shoes and a spooky makeup!

Unisex Adult Spooky Ghost Ghoul Halloween Costume

spooky ghost costumes

Cool Ghoul Costume

Another awesome and very spooky cheap ghost costume for adults!
It’s a ghoul!
(Ghouls are evil spirits! Stay away!)

He seems to be hungry…
Do not stick around to find out what he likes to eat…
It might be you!

*I hope you enjoyed picking a cool ghost costume for you here today!

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