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Animal Costumes for Adults

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Awesome Full Body Animal Costumes for Adults!

animal costumes for adults

Giraffe Mascot Costume

In my opinion, full-body animal costumes are among the best kind of costumes for Halloween and children’s birthday parties!

They are just awesome!

Kids love them, adults love to dress up as their favorite animal and they are funny!

I found a few of the coolest and most unique animal costumes for adults for sale!
(Some are very rare too, just like this awesome giraffe mascot costume for adults you see on this picture!

I am very excited to show them off here for you!

*So, if you could be any animal for a day, which animal would you be? 🙂

Black Panther Cat Mascot Costume Adult

Unique Animal Costumes for Adults!

Black Panther Cat Mascot Costume Adult

Black Panther Cat Mascot Costume Adult

This is a very cool and very unique black panther full plush body animal suit for adults!
Looks very realistic too!

Includes everything you see on the picture.
Great for sports events, birthday parties and Halloween parties!
The price is not too bad either…

Siamese Cat Adult Costume

Cool Cat Costumes for Adults!

Siamese Cat Adult Costume

Siamese Cat Adult Costume

I couldn’t resist and had to show you this ultra-cool Siamese cat adult costume too!
It’s gorgeous!

I used to have a beautiful Siamese cat called Sassy and this outfit reminded me of her…

Cool Adult Beaver Costume

Adult Beaver Costume

Adult Beaver Costume

Have you always wanted to dress up as a beaver?
Now is your chance!

This is a very cool adult beaver costume for sale!

Doesn’t it look just like a real beaver?
He seems to be a pretty easy-going fellow too!

African Elephant Lightweight Mascot Costume

cute animal costumes for adults

Cute African Elephant Mascot Costume

Fun African Elephant Mascot Costume

How about dressing up as an African elephant this year? 🙂

This elephant adult costume is one of my favorite animal costumes!
He is gorgeous!
I love his beautiful elephant blue eyes!

Horse Adult Costume

cool adult horse mascot costume

Funny Brown Horse Mascot Costume in Blue Vest

Brown Horse Mascot Costume in Blue Vest

What a great horse costume for adults!
Very realistic looking!

*Available in 3 sizes.

Have fun being a horse!

Cute Lion Costume for Adults

Lion Mascot Costume

Cool Lion Mascot Costume

Awesome Lion Mascot Costume Character Adult Sz

Even better than being a horse must be being a lion!

Well, they are the kings of the jungle, right?

This is a very cool and unique adult lion outfit!
I love it!

Very Cool Bulldog Mascot Costume for Adults!

Bulldog Adult Costume

Bulldog Adult Costume

This bulldog outfit is one of the coolest dog costumes for adults in my opinion!
His color and his face are awesome!

(He definitely seems like a very angry bulldog…)

Realistic German Shepard Mascot Costume

Cool German Shepard Mascot Costume

German Shepard Mascot Costume

ALINCO German Shepard Mascot Costume

What a cute and extremely realistic German Shepard dog costume for adults!
Wow! (Look at his face!)

Children are gonna love him!
(I mean YOU!)

Everyone will want to snap a picture next to you dressed in this outfit!
What’s your puppy name?

Funny Plush Turkey Mascot Costume

Plush Turkey Mascot Costume

Cool Plush Turkey Mascot Costume

I have never seen such a fun turkey mascot costume before!
How perfect is it to wear on Thanksgiving Day?
(The only problem is that you won’t be able to eat…)

Happy Dolphin Lightweight Mascot Costume

Fun Adult Animal Costumes!

Happy Dolphin Mascot Costume

Happy Dolphin Mascot Costume

Do you love dolphins?
Do you wish you could be one for a day?
Wish granted! 🙂

With this awesome full-body dolphin outfit, you can fulfill your wish!
Very unique!

Amazing Blue Whale Adult Costume

Cute Blue Whale Mascot Costume

Amazing Blue Whale Mascot Costume

Blue Whale Mascot Costume

How about dressing up as a blue whale?

This friendly blue whale adult costume seems to be lots of fun to wear!
(And she doesn’t look so dangerous…)

Unique Camel Mascot Costume

fun Camel Mascot Costume

Camel Mascot Costume

Cute Camel Mascot Costume

How cool and unique is this full-body camel costume for adults?
I guarantee you will be the only camel at your party!

Walrus Mascot Costume

Walrus Costume

Walrus Costume

These animal costumes for adults keep getting more and more unique by the minute!
How cool is this walrus full-body costume, folks?
Very real looking!

Tropical Bird Adult Costume

Toucan Mascot Costume

Toucan Mascot Costume

Love birds?
How about dressing up as a beautiful tropical bird then?

This is a great and very unique toucan bird costume for adults!
Look at that huge beak!

Scary Rat Mascot Costume

Scary Rat Costume

Scary Rat Costume

Are you deathly scared of rats?

Well, you know what the experts say… the best way to conquer your fear is to confront it!

Dress up as a scary rat for a day!

Cool Lobster Costume

Lobster Costume for Adults

Lobster Costume for Adults

How cool is this adult lobster costume?
Isn’t it fun?
Just stay away from those seafood lovers though… Oh, and boiling water!
You never know…

Cool Gorilla Costume for Adults

Gorilla Full Body Costume

Gorilla Full Body Costume

This adult gorilla full-body suit is also very popular!
Great costume for Halloween parties and birthday parties!
Now it’s time to relax and have a banana!

*I hope you were able to find an awesome animal costume here!