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Bananas Costumes

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Funny Adult Banana Costumes!

Banana Costumes for adults

Funny Banana Costume

Banana costumes are among the most hilarious costumes for Halloween being sold! Everyone wants to be a banana!


Bananas are delicious sweet fruits and they have such a pleasant yellow color and look that it’s only natural we want to dress up as giant bananas for Halloween!

On this page you are going to find the most hilarious banana costumes for adults being sold!

You are going to love being a ridiculous banana among all the boring vampires and witches!

Even better if you go with your whole family!
Each family member can dress as a different fruit!
You can be a delicious fruit salad! 🙂

Go be a big yellow banana!

Have some fun!

Crazy Mean Adult Banana Costume

Adult Banana Costumes

Crazy Adult Banana Costume

This is one of the funniest banana costumes for adults on the market!
I love his ‘crazy’ and mean banana face!

(I hope you like bananas, cause he won’t take no for an answer… if you know what I mean…)

Have fun!

Chill Banana

Plus Size Banana Costume

Plus Size Banana Costume

Who’s a chill banana today?


This giant banana costume is ideal for big men who want to be a big banana on Halloween!

It’s hilarious!
(Stay away from the athletes…)

Lightweight Banana Costume for Sale

Lightweight Banana Costume

Lightweight Banana Costume

This funny banana costume for adults is very simple and easy to use!
Just slip the tunic over your head and stick your face through the hole…

You are now a proud banana! 🙂

Adult Peeled Banana Costume

Peeled Banana Adult Costume

Peeled Banana Adult Costume

I heard you want to dress as a peeled banana for Halloween?
No problem!

Here is a funny peeled banana costume for adults!
(Stay away from the hungry folks who love fruits though….)

Peeling Banana Costume

Banana Mascot Costume

Men’s Appealing Banana Mascot Costume

Another hilarious adult banana costume for you!
The banana is about to get peeled!

Very Cool Banana Mascot Costume!

Banana Mascot Costume

Banana Mascot Costume

This is one of my favorite banana costumes around!
It’s a banana mascot suit!

You will look pretty chill with a huge banana smile and sunglasses…

Unique Adult Waving Banana Mascot Halloween Costume

Waving Banana Mascot Halloween Costume

Waving Banana Mascot Halloween Costume

This is a funny and very unique waving banana costume!

It also comes with the fun oversized white gloves to complement your crazy ‘banana look’!