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Bear Costumes for Adults

Bear costumes are among the best adult costumes to wear for a Halloween party or birthday party!
Kids love to see their dads or uncles dressed up as a cool bear! 🙂

I gathered here a few of the most fun and super cool bear costumes for adults being sold, including a few realistic brown bear costumes, cute cartoon bears and fun bear mascots too!

Which one is your favorite bear?

Realistic Scary Grizzly Bear Mascot Costume

Best Bear Costumes for Adults!

Bear Costumes for Adults

Scary Grizzly Bear Mascot Costume

I decided to start my selection of cool adult bear costumes and outfits with this impressive and very realistic scary brown grizzly bear costume!
It is one of the scariest bear costumes for sale!
It does look like an angry adult bear, not cute or cuddly at all…
He is scary!!

Great for a cool Halloween party!
Just be careful when wearing this bear outfit outside…
Some folks might think you are a real bear!

Yogi Bear Mascot Costume

Cute Adult Bear Costume

Yogi Bear Adult Costume

Yogi Bear Adult Costume

We all love Yogi Bear, don’t we?
He is one of the most famous cartoon bear characters around! 🙂

This is a super fun Yogi bear costume for adults!
He is perfect for a fun birthday party!
Every child will want to take a picture next to Yogi Bear!

Cute Valentine Bear Costume

Cute Valentine Bear Costume for adults

Cute Valentine Bear Costume

What a cute white Valentine bear costume with a cute red heart on his tummy and ears!

He is also holding red hearts on his hands!
(Or ‘bear’ paws?)
One of the cutest full-body bear suits around!

Fun Bear Costumes for Adults!

Barnaby Bear

Barnaby Bear adult Costume

Barnaby Bear Costume

What a fun Barnaby Bear costume for sale!
(For those of you who don’t know, Barnaby is a character in a famous British TV show for children…)

I happen to really like this costume!
He looks like a lot of fun!

White Bear Lightweight Mascot Costume for Adults

Awesome Full-Body Bear Outfits!

White Bear Adult Costume

White Bear Adult Costume

Are you looking for a coo full-body white bear outfit this year?
You got it!
This one is awesome, isn’t it?
He fits most adults and it’s very comfortable to wear!

Realistic Black Bear Costume for Adults

adult black bear costume

Black Bear Costume

Black Bear Complete Adult Deluxe Costume Size Standard ONE SIZE

Now it’s time for a realistic black bear costume for adults!
In my opinion this is the most real looking adult bear costume from this page!
He is really impressive!
Do not go around your neighborhood wearing this!
You will look like a real bear!

Panda Bear Mascot Costume for Adults!

adult panda bear costume

Panda Bear Costume

Panda Bear Mascot Costume

Of course I had to show you a fun panda bear adult costume too!
They are very popular!
Everyone loves panda bears!
They are very cute in their own gigantic black and white panda bear way!

Blue Bear Mascot Costume

Fun and Unique Adult Bear Outfits for Sale!

blue bear mascot costume

Blue Bear Mascot Costume

Blue Bear Mascot Costume

I’m back wth the fun, cute and cuddly unique bear costumes!
This is a very cool blue bear adult outfit!
If you have never seen a blue bear before, here it’s your chance!
Have fun!

Papa Bear Mascot Costume

papa bear costume

Papa Bear Costume

Papa Bear/mama Bear/baby Bear Mascot Costume

Look who came to play!
It’s Papa Bear!
What a cool bear costume!
It is awesome to entertain kids at a birthday party!
It’s fun!

Grizzly Bear Mascot Costume for Adults

Grizzly Bear Mascot Costume

Grizzly Bear Mascot Costume

Grizzly Bear Mascot Costume

This is also a very popular grizzly bear suit for sale!
It has a very scary growling face bearing its teeth!
Highly detailed!

Fierce Grizzly Brown Bear Mascot Costume

Fierce Grizzly Bear Mascot Costume

Fierce Grizzly Bear Mascot Costume

Fierce Grizzly Brown Bear Mascot Costume

Another fierce grizzly bear costume for sale!
This one is a brown bear also showing his teeth!
His mouth is wide open!
Pretty scary!

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They are awesome!