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Bird Costumes

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Coolest Full-Body Bird Costumes for Adults!

If you love birds so much that you actually want to become one, here is your chance!
Dress up in a full-body bird suit!
I found some awesome mascot bird suits for sale!
I hope you’ll enjoy them and have a good flight!

Fun Toucan Bird Mascot Costume

Tropical Birds Mascot Suits for Sale!

toucan bird mascot costume

Toucan Bird Costume for Sale

Tookie Bird Mascot Costume

This is a pretty cool and pretty unique toucan bird costume!
Toucans have huge and very colorful beaks!
Have fun as a toucan today!

Hummingbird Mascot Costume

hummingbird costume

Cool Hummingbird Costume

Hummingbird Mascot Costume

Love hummingbirds?
Then this gorgeous full-body green hummingbird suit is for you!
Hummingbirds are very tiny birds and they flap their wings extremely fast!
(better start practicing your ‘hummingbird skills’!

Blue Macaw Mascot Costume

Unique Bird Costumes for Sale!

blue macaw bird outfit

Beautiful Blue Macaw Bird Costume for Adults

Blue Macaw Mascot Costume

What a fun, colorful and gorgeous realistic looking blue macaw bird costume for sale!
The blue macaw is a beautiful parrot with a large beak!
I’m sure you are going to have a blast dressed as a blue macaw bird!

Colorful Rooster Costume for Adults!

rooster costume for adults

Colorful Rooster Costume

ALINCO Rooster Mascot Costume

Love roosters?
Are you an early bird?
Then how about dressing up in this fun and very colorful rooster costume?
Perfect to cheer up parties and sports events!

Gorgeous Eagle Mascot Costume

eagle adult costume

Cool Eagle Costume for Adults

Eagle Mascot Costume

This is a very beautiful realistic eagle mascot costume for adults!
I love his shiny beak!

Hawk Costume

Awesome Bird Outfits for Adults!

hawk costume for adults

Hawk Bird Costume

ALINCO Regal Hawk Mascot Costume

Another awesome full-body bird outfit for sale is this hawk costume!
Look at those hawk eyes!
Definitely watching you!

Beautiful Owl Lightweight Mascot Costume

Realistic Birds Costumes for Adults!

owl mascot costume

Cool Owl Costume for Adults

Owl Lightweight Mascot Costume

(Or should I say ‘Hoot’!)
What a fun and very real-looking owl costume!
Those owl eyes are huge!
I love it!
Now you can literally be a night owl!

(One size fits most adults from 5’4″ to 6’2″.)

Cool Pelican Mascot Costume for Sale

pelican mascot costume

Cool Pelican Suit for Adults

Paulie Pelican Mascot Costume

Love pelicans?
Me too!
This is the best pelican mascot costume I found!
Isn’t he gorgeous?
Easy on the fish…

Mallard Duck Mascot Costume

Fun Duck Costumes for Adults!

duck suit for adults

Cool Mallard Duck Full-Body Suit

Mallard Duck Mascot Costume

Holy ‘Quack’!
What a cool mallard duck full-body outfit for adults!
What a gorgeous beak!

Cute Female Duck Lightweight Mascot Costume

Cute Bird Costume for Women!

female duck costume

Cute Female Duck Costume

Female Duck Lightweight Mascot Costume

What a cutie!
Don’t you just love her red lipstick and cute bow?
She is definitely a girly duck!

Holiday Turkey Lightweight Mascot Costume

Cool Full-Body Turkey Outfit for Adults!

turkey costume

Fun Turkey Costume for Adults

Holiday Turkey Lightweight Mascot Costume

How cool is this turkey costume for sale?
He is gorgeous!
Isn’t it the perfect mascot to wear on Thanksgiving day and entertain the kids?
(Stay away from hungry folks!)

Tom the Turkey Mascot Adult Costume

Cheap Turkey Costume for Sale!

Another cool and very affordable turkey costume for adults!

Cheapest Adult Turkey Costume

This is the cheapest turkey costume for sale and one of the most funny!!