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Bizarre Costumes

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The Most Bizarre Costumes for Adults

Bizarre Halloween Costumes for Adults

Hocus Pocus Billy Butcherson Adult Costume

Are you looking for some creepy and bizarre costumes to wear next Halloween?
I just came across some of the most bizarre costumes for adults being sold!
They are perfect to wear for a Halloween party or a costume contest!

You will find some pretty scary and bizarre costumes for all budgets and tastes here.

Crazy Bizarre Hocus Pocus Adult Costume

*This awesome (and very creepy!) Hocus Pocus men’s costume is one of the most bizarre costumes for adults I have seen!

I am actually very scared! If I saw this guy coming my way I would definitely run for my life!

Gruesome Jason Creature Costume

Crazy Jason costume for men

Creature Reacher Deluxe Oversized Mask and Costume

Friday The 13th Jason Voorhees Creature Reacher Deluxe Oversized Mask and Costume

Be careful now!
You are about to see the most bizarre costumes for adults ever created!
Whether you call them bizarre, horrendous, horrific or creepy, the fact of the matter is that you want to wear the scariest Halloween costume around to scare the h..ll out of everybody!

I found a few of the creepiest and most bizarre adult costumes for sale and (even though I am very scared right now) I am going to show them off here!
(This horrendous gruesome Jason monster creature is just a tease of what is about to come your way!)
This is definitely one of the most bizarre costumes ever!!
It’s a gruesome and horrific bat creature monster costume!
I do not want to be anywhere near those gigantic hands!

Are you ready?

*(This page might be too scary for small children.)

Cool Joker Costume

Joker costume for men

Dark Knight The Joker Grand Heritage Costume

The Joker Grand Heritage Costume (Large)

How are you holding up?
Do you think you can handle this bizarre and ultra-terrifying Joker costume or is it too much for you?
I am totally creeped out!!

Bad Seed Creature Reacher Evil Pumpkin Costume!

Horrific Bizarre Costumes for Sale!

evil pumpkin creature costume

Evil Pumpkin Creature Costume

Evil Pumpkin Creature Costume for Adults

Is that a pumpkin head?
Yes, it is!
It is a gruesome bizarre evil pumpkin monster costume of some sort!
Very unique!

Creepy Frank Monster Costume

creepy monster costume

Very Creepy Frank Monster Adult Costume

Rubie’s Costume Creature Reaches Freak-N-Monster Costume, Green, Standard

Oh dear!
Run for your lives!
It’s the creepy Frank coming your way!
He is a monster!
And he is a freak!
He is the Frank Monster creature!

Horrifying Nun Creature Costume

Bizarre Adult Costumes!

bizarre nun costume

The Nun Costume

Rubie’s men’s The Nun Movie Deluxe Adult Sized Costumes, As Shown, Extra-Large US

You better start praying!!

Awesome creature costume for Halloween that will give everyone the shivers!
It’s The Nun! And she is definitely coming for YOU!

Haunted Tree Adult Costume

Creepy Costumes for Sale!

Men's Haunted Tree Adult

Rubie’s Costume Men’s Haunted Tree Adult

Crazy Men’s Haunted Tree Adult, Multicolor, Standard

Whatever you do don’t let the haunted tree touch you!
He is a creepy fellow!

Bizarre Dark Alien Costume

Bizarre Alien Xenomorph Costume

Authentic Alien Xenomorph Costume

Scary Alien Xenomorph Costume, Xenomorph Suit

I’m trying to decide if this bizarre Alien costume is friendly… My guess is NOT!! RUN for your life!!

Crazy Horned Goat Man Halloween Costume

Coolest Bizarre Costumes for Sale!

Scary Horned Goat Devil Costume

Horned Goat Devil Mask and Legs Complete Costume

Bizarre Horned Goat Devil Mask and Legs Complete Costume

Isn’t this horned goat-man one of the most bizarre costumes you’ve seen so far?


It’s the craziest, creepiest, scariest creature I have ever seen!!
Check out his huge mouth!!
He does not look happy at all!
He is coming your way!

Realistic Leprechaun Mascot Costume for Men

Bizarre Men’s Costumes for Halloween!

Leprechaun Mascot Costume

Leprechaun Mascot Costume

Leprechaun Mascot Costume

If you have always wanted to be a Leprechaun, today is your big chance!
Can’t get any more bizarre than this can it folks?
A cool and very real looking Leprechaun mascot costume for men!
Just carry a pot of gold with you and you will be all set!

Man in a Gorilla Cage Costume

man in gorilla cage costume

Man in Gorilla Cage Crazy Costume

Man in a Gorilla Cage Costume (Standard)

Oh no..
That gorilla just captured this man!
He seems ‘adapted’ to his new reality though…

Caged Prisoner Convict in a Cage Men’s Halloween Costume

coolest Halloween costumes for sale

Men’s Convict In A Cage Deluxe Costume

Forum Novelties Men’s Convict In A Cage Deluxe Costume, Black/White, Standard

Poor convict…
He spent too tong in his cage…
He died and he doesn’t even know it…

(How creepy is this caged convict adult costume folks?)

Adult Witch Bizarre Costume

Creepy Adult Costumes for Sale!

Scary Adult Witch Costume

Adult Witch Costume

Bizarre Witch Costume Size Large. Green Witch

We can’t have a list of the most bizarre costumes for Halloween without also including a creepy, crazy witch costume in the mix!
This is a very bizarre and very creepy adult green witch costume for sale!
Don’t be fooled! She might be ‘smiling’ but her intentions are pure evil! Yikes!

Evil Ash Full Costume for Men


bizarre evil costume



This is the Evil Ash costume, from the movie Army of Darkness!
Very cool and unique bizarre men’s costume for sale!
I dare you to stay where you are when you see Evil Ash coming your way!

Evil Sun Adult Costume

Scary Sun costume for adults

Security Breach Sundrop Cosplay Costume

Sundrop Cosplay Costume Full Set Halloween

Are you scared of the sun??
What about evil, killer “sun people”?
This is definitely one of the scariest, creepiest, most bizarre evil sun costumes for adults around!
Watch what happens when you arrive at your Halloween party wearing this!
You will be the only one left!
(‘Cause everybody else will have run scared!)

Men’s Zombie Ghost Scary Costume

bizarre ghost costume for men

Zombie Ghost Costume

Halloween Costumes for Men

Wait a second…
Is that ghost coming our way??? Or is it just a very pale man?
Whatever it is I am scared!!
I don’t want to find out what it is…
I am running away!!!

Ghost Lady Adult Costume

ghost lady costume

Female Adult Bride Ghost Lady

Zombie Ghost Costume Cosplay Apparel

It’s the ghostly lady!!!!
She is coming for you!!!
You don’t want to find out what she’s gonna do to you when she finds you!!

Hellraiser Pinhead Adult Costume with Mask

The Most Bizarre Costumes for Adults!

Crazy Adult Hellraiser Pinhead Costume

Adult Hellraiser Pinhead Costume

Pinhead Costume

This Hellraiser Pinhead costume is among the scariest costumes for adults in my opinion!
I always get scared when I see him!
You will definitely raise hell at your party with this cool costume!

Butterball Costume

Bizarre Hellraiser Costumes for Sale!

Butterball Costume - Adult Costume - Hellraiser

Butterball Costume – Adult Costume – Hellraiser

Butterball Costume – Adult Costume – Hellraiser

Now you and your friends  can all go as Hellraiser  characters!
They are  among the creepiest Halloween costumes around!

Adult Minotaurus Costume

Unique and Bizarre Adult Costumes for Sale!

Adult Minotaurus Costume

Adult Minotaurus Costume

Minotaur Adult Costume (Standard)

Who remember the Minotaurus?
It was the scariest story I heard when I was little!
Kept me awake for many nights!
What a cool and very unique adult Minotaurus costume for sale!
Very realistic!

Adult’s Alien Lightweight Mascot Costume

The Most Bizarre Costumes for Halloween!

bizarre Alien Lightweight Mascot Costume

Bizarre Alien Lightweight Mascot Costume

Toon Alien Lightweight Mascot Costume

How about dressing up as a very bizarre and crazy three-eyed orange alien?
He is pretty scary too!
I love his ‘alien’ purple sneakers!
This outfit is complete!
It comes with the bright orange suit, crazy alien head and hands and feet!
He sees everything!
That third eye is crazy!

*I hope you were able to find a super cool and bizarre costume for you!
Check out these props too if you have time!
They are beyond amazing!

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