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Cute Costumes for Babies

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links.
**All links on this page are affiliate links, meaning I get commissions for purchases made through those links on this page at no additional cost to you.

I just found the Cutest Halloween Costumes for Babies!

Cute Baby Snail Costume

Cute Baby Snail Costume

Are you looking for cute costumes for babies?
You are on the right page!

Here you will find the cutest Halloween costumes for babies ever created!
From a cute baby snail costume to baby bat costume, baby turtle, flower costume and more!
Babies look cute no matter what, but when you dress them up in a cute Halloween baby costume they look adorable!!
Make some cute memories next Halloween by dressing your baby in a cute costume!
Have fun!

Unique Infant Baby Snail Costume

*This has got to be the most unique and cute costume for babies!
It’s a cute snail costume! Look how cute this baby looks dressed up as a cute and colorful snail!
One size fits most babies up to 18 months old.

I bet you can’t wait to take your baby to his or her very first Halloween party or trick or treating, am I right?
And of course you want to dress him or her in the cutest baby costume available!
I just happened to find the cutest baby costumes being sold!
I had to create this special page to show them off!
Check them out and choose your favorite for your child!

Unique Infant Baby Caterpillar Costume

Baby Caterpillar Costume

Unique Infant Baby Caterpillar Costume, 12 Months

Unique Infant Baby Caterpillar Costume, 12 Months

Unique Infant Baby Caterpillar Costume, 12 Months

Who is the cutest, most colorful and most adorable caterpillar ever?
Your baby! 🙂

What a cute caterpillar costume for babies!!
The colors are very bright and vibrant and the fabric is ultra-soft!
Happy mommies say the costume is very durable and they are very pleased with the purchase!

Adorable Baby Turtle Halloween Costume

Cute Costumes for Babies

cute baby turtle costume

Adorable Baby Turtle Costume

Child’s Infant Baby Turtle Halloween Costume (12 Months)

Isn’t he the cutest turtle you have ever seen?
Of course he is! 🙂

This is one of the most adorable baby costumes for Halloween ever!
A cute baby turtle costume!
Your baby will be the life of the party dressed up as a cute turtle!

Toddler Pink Flamingo Costume

pink flamingo costume for toddlers

Pink Flamingo Costume for Toddlers

Child’s Toddler Flamingo Costume (Size: 2-4T)

Is the pink flamingo your most favorite bird ever?
Then how about dressing up your toddler as a cute pink flamingo?
Isn’t it adorable?

Shark Toddler Costume Size 6-12months

Cute Costumes for Babies!

cute shark costume

Shark Costume for Babies

Silly Shark Toddler Costume Size 6-12months

How cute and unique is this shark costume for babies and toddlers?
The baby’s head comes out from the shark’s mouth!
But don’t worry…He seems to be a friendly shark…

Adorable Baby Octopus Costume

Fun Green Octopus Costume for Babies

Octopus Costume for Babies

Octopus Costume for Babies

Cute Octopus Costume for Babies

This is one of the cutest costumes for babies in my opinion….
Great octopus costume for babies and toddlers!
Very well-made and durable.
Makes a cute gift idea too…
Will fit most children ages 6 months, 1 and 2..
Perfect for parties, Halloween or fun photo shoots..

*This baby is such a happy octopus today! 🙂

What a FUN and Cute Lobster Costume for Babies!

fun baby lobster costume

Cute and Fun Baby Lobster Costume

Lil Characters Unisex-baby Infant Lobster Costume

This cute lobster costume for babies is very unique!
You don’t see a lot of lobster kids at Halloween parties…
I bet your baby will be the only lobster at the party!
(Just keep him away from any kind of butter…)

Happy buyers said their babies fit perfectly in it!
It is absolutely adorable and the material is soft and thick!

Cute Owl Baby Costume!

Unique Halloween Baby Costumes!

owl costume for babies

Cute Owl Baby Costume

What a Hoot Owl Halloween Costume MD 12-18 MOS. (25-27 lbs.)

How adorable and FUN is this owl costume for babies?
Happy mom buyers said it is very comfy on their little ones and they look like the cutest owl they’ve ever seen!
It fits 1 year old babies!

Cute Peacock Costume for Babies!

peacock costume for babies

Cute Peacock Baby Costume

InCharacter Precious Peacock Halloween Costume Lg 18 Mos.-2t (28-30 Lbs.)

These Halloween baby costumes keep getting cuter and cuter!
How adorable is this blue peacock baby costume?
I bet no one else’s baby will be a peacock!

Infant Duck Costume

Cute Yellow Duck Costume for Babies

cute duck baby costume

Cute Yellow Duck Costume for Babies

Cute Infant Duck Costume, Yellow/Orange/White

What a cute yellow duck costume for babies!
Your baby will definitely NOT be the ugly duckling at the party…

Parents said it is very durable and well-made.
It’s also warm, soft and cozy!
It’s also zippered in the front, in case you need to change your baby’s diaper!

Infant Dragon Costume

Cutest Baby Costumes Ever!

dragon costume for babies

Cute Baby Dragon Costume

Lil Characters Unisex-baby Infant Dragon Costume

Look at that cute and happy blue baby dragon costume!
Don’t worry mommy!
He won’t spit out any fire!

Cute Turkey Costume for Babies!

FUN Halloween Costumes for Babies!

baby turkey costume

Cute Turkey Costume for Babies

Lil Characters Unisex-baby Infant Gobbler Costume

Who is the cutest baby turkey on the face of this Earth?
YOUR baby!
Dressed up in this adorable turkey outfit!
Don’t worry!
Nobody is gonna eat him!

Adorable Baby Penguin Costume!

Infant Penguin Costume

Infant Penguin Costume

Infant Penguin Costume

This gorgeous penguin costume for babies is perfect for parties and for professional photo shoots….
It’s well worth taking professional pictures don’t you think?
Your baby is going to look very cute!!
(That is one happy penguin right there! 🙂

Adorable Froggy Costume for Babies!

frog costume for babies

Cute Frog Baby Costume

Lil Characters Unisex-baby Newborn Froggy Costume

Have you ever seen such an adorable baby frog?
One of the cutest baby costumes from this page!
Happy buyers said their babies never looked more adorable!
They loved it!

Infant Monkey Costume

Adorable Halloween Baby Costumes!

baby monkey costume

Cute Monkey Costume for Babies

Lil Characters Infant Monkey Costume, Brown/Tan

Who is the cutest baby monkey on the planet?
Your baby dressed in this cute monkey costume!
This baby looks like he is enjoying being a cute monkey today!

Cute Flower Costume for Baby Girls!

flower costume for babies

Pink Flower Costume for Baby Girls

Lil Character Infant Flower Costume

Have you ever seen anything cuter than this baby girl dressed as a cute flower for Halloween?
If you have twins or more small girls, you can dress each one as a cute flower!

Lovely Halloween baby costume!!
It’s a cute flower pot costume…
You can dress up your little girl as a cute flower for Halloween or her first birthday party!
(Imagine throwing a fun first birthday party where all the little girls come dressed up as cute flower pots?? Wouldn’t that be adorable?)

This pink flower costume is one of the cutest costumes for baby girls being sold!
What mom and dad wouldn’t like to see their little princess dressed a cute flower?
Buyers said it is the perfect first Halloween baby costume ever!

Infant Lady Bug Costume

The Cutest Baby Girl Costumes!

ladybug baby costume

Cute Ladybug Costume for Baby Girls

Lil Characters Unisex-baby Infant Lady Bug Costume

Of course I would never forget to show you a super cute ladybug costume for baby girls too!
It is among the most adorable Halloween baby girl costumes!
Mommies love to dress their cute baby girl as ladybugs!

Cute Li’L Devil Toddler Costume!

Cute Devil Toddler Costume

Cute Li’L Devil Toddler Costume

Fun World Li’L Devil Toddler Costume 12-24 Months

Another ultra-cute and fun Halloween baby costume is this li’l devil costume!
Isn’t it the cutest thing?
And we all know that that’s exactly how our babies sometimes behave right? 🙂
The colors are beautiful and the costume is very high-quality!
Perfect Halloween costume for babies!
Trick or Treat?

Infant Lion Costume

lion baby costume

Baby Lion Costume

Lil Characters Unisex-baby Infant Lion Costume

This cute lion baby costume is also very popular!
Look how cute this baby looks dressed as a happy lion!
Happy buyers said it looks exactly like in the picture!

How about a Cute Zebra Costume?

Cute Zebra Costume for Babies

Cute Zebra Costume for Babies

Cute Zebra Jumpsuit, White/Black, 12-18 months

I LOVE this cute zebra baby costume!
It’s so unique!
What a great animal outfit for babies!
I bet your baby will be the only zebra on the block!

Cute Infant Bat Baby Halloween Costume

Bat Costume for Babies: One of The Best Halloween Costumes for Babies!

Cute Bat Costume for Babies

Adorable Bat Costume for Babies

Infant Bat Costume Size: Infant 12-18 Months

It’s the first time I see a baby bat costume!
It’s gorgeous!
Parents say they love this costume because it’s also very warm and cozy!
Babies look great dressed up as cute bats!

This awesome bat baby costume is an ultimate favorite for a Halloween party!
It’s very appropriate, don’t you think?
Your baby will be the cutest bat ever!

Funny Smarties Candy Costume for Babies!

fun smarties candy baby costume

Funny Smarties Candy Baby Costume

Smarties Bunting Costume – Newborn

What a cute and delicious Smarties baby costume!
Your baby will look so sweet!
Try to steer clear of sweet-toothed people though…. 🙂

*Did you enjoy my selections of cute costumes for babies?
I hope you did and were able to pick the most adorable one for your baby!
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