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Fruits and Vegetables Costumes

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I Love these Hilarious Fruit or Vegetables Costumes!!

Are you feeling tropical? How about dressing up as a lime wedge?
Perhaps the whole family can dress up as a fruit salad! (Or vegetable salad…..)

lime wedge funny fruit costume

Hilarious Fruit Costumes for Adults


Forget about dressing up in a scary costume!
Hilarious fruit and vegetable costumes are the way to go now!!
In my opinion fun vegetable costumes and fruit costumes are among the most hilarious costumes ever!

Why be just like everybody else and fade among all the vampires and witches if you can stand out in a ridiculous and very colorful hilarious delicious fruit costume?

*I know you are crazy to dress up as a huge and refreshing lime wedge! Fess up!
Now you can make your dream come true!
This lime costume will definitely refresh the scenario!
Get this hilarious lime wedge costume and be a happy lime forever and ever!
Or just find another person wearing a lime costume and make a “limenade”! (Just kidding….)

Adult’s Purple Grapes Funny Halloween Costume

Hilarious Fruit Costume for Adults!

adult purple grapes costume

Purple Grapes Costume for Adults

Adult’s Purple Grapes Halloween Costume (Size: Standard 44)

Who wants some purple grapes?
I hear they are very sweet and juicy!

If you love purple grapes, why not wear a purple grapes fruit costume?
I think it’s one of the most hilarious fruit costumes around!
(Just try not to let everyone eat you before the party starts…)

Green Grapes Adult Costume

Green Grapes Adult Costume

Green Grapes Costume

Green Grapes Costume (Standard)

Prefer green grapes instead?
No problem!
Wear a green grapes costume!
Your husband can wear the purple grapes costume and you wear the green grapes!
How about that?
(Your kids can dress up in different fruit costumes and you will all be a happy fruit salad family!!)

Fruit costumes are definitely among the most hilarious costumes for sale around!

Kid’s Purple Grape Costume

Kid's Purple Grape Costume

Kid’s Purple Grape Costume

Childs Purple Grapes Costume STD

There you go!
Everybody dressed as grapes this year!
Your child is gonna love to join your bowl of purple and green grapes!
Healthy! 🙂

Hilarious Adult Blueberry Costume for Sale!

Adult Blueberry Costume

Adult Blueberry Costume

Adult Blueberry Costume (Standard)

If you are a 70’s kid too the first thing that will come to your mind when you see this hilarious blueberry costume will be:
‘Oompa Loompa doom-pa-dee-do…
I have a perfect puzzle for you’
Am I right???
This is one of the coolest fruit costumes around!
Be bold!
Be blue!
Be a blueberry fruit! 🙂

Funny Lemon Costume for Adults!

Adult Lemon Costume

Adult Lemon Costume

Adult Lemon Costume

Oh, I get it…. You are not a lime person… You prefer lemons!
Not a problem!
Wear a funny lemon costume then!
Go find other lemon costumes and make a lemonade!
(Don’t forget to wear a citrus fragrance as well!)
Dress the part and smell the part!

Kid’s Lemon Costume

Kid's Lemon Costume

Kid’s Lemon Costume

Childs Lemon Costume STD

Who’s the cutest yellowest lemon at the party?
Your child, of course!

Hilarious Pear Costume for Adults!

Funny Pear Adult Costume

Funny Pear Adult Costume

Pear Adult Costume

Have you always wanted to dress up as a pear?
Now you can!

The best thing about this funny pear costume for adults is that you can eat whatever you want and not have to worry about your fat stomach!
Be proud of your pear shape!

Child’s Annoying Orange – Funny Pear Costume

Child's Annoying Orange - Pear Costume

Child’s Annoying Orange – Pear Costume

Child’s Annoying Orange – Pear Costume

Now your child can be a hilarious pear too!
You can be a true pear and he or she can be an ‘annoying pear’!
(I can smell all the fruit already….)

Funny Apple Costume Adult Size

Apple Costume Adult Size

Funny Apple Costume Adult Size

Apple Adult Costume, Standard One-Size, Red

Do you want to dress up as a plump apple?
Here you go!
You can plump all you want underneath!
Nobody will notice!
Hilarious apple costume for adults!

Hilarious Apple Costume for Men!

Hilarious Apple Costume

Hilarious Apple Costume for Men

Adult Apple Costume (Standard)

Hey, I LOVE this idea!
An ‘apple couple’!
Both you guys can be delicious sweet apples together!
How romantic! 🙂

Very Cool and Unique Strawberry Adult Mascot Costume

Best Fruit Costumes for Adults!

Strawberry Adult Mascot Costume

Cool Strawberry Adult Mascot Costume

Strawberry Adult Mascot Costume

Who doesn’t love strawberries right??
Specially if they are dipped in chocolate??
Now YOU can be a yummy strawberry at your Halloween party!
Very cool!

Baby Strawberry Fruit Costume

Baby Strawberry Fruit Costume

Baby Strawberry Fruit Costume

Infant Baby Strawberry Fruit Costume (6-12 Months)

How adorable is this strawberry costume for babies??
While mommy and daddy can dress up as bananas and oranges, baby can be a cute strawberry!!

(Fits most babies 3-12 months.)

Funniest Pineapple Costume for Adults!

cool pineapple costume

Cartoon Pineapple Costume for Adults

Cartoon Pineapple Costume

Do you want to be a giant, juicy pineapple?
You got it!
If you absolutely love pineapples, be one!!
I bet you are going to be the only pineapple at the party!
Wanna bet?

This is the funniest adult pineapple suit ever!
(And he is a very happy pineapple too!
That’s the spirit!)

Cutest Pineapple Costume for Toddlers!

Cute Pineapple Costume for Toddlers

Cute Pineapple Costume for Toddlers

Toddler Deluxe Pineapple Costume

Look who wants to be a pineapple too!
Your toddler!
How adorable!
he is also a very smiley pineapple today! 🙂

Fun Happy Carrot Costume for Adults

Best Vegetable Costumes for Sale!

Adult Carrot Cosplay Costume

Happy Carrot Cosplay Costume

Carrot cosplay costume for adults

Love carrots?
They are definitely very good for your eyes…
Even better if it’s a HAPPY CARROT!
This is one of the best carrot suits for adults I’ve seen!
(If you find any beets around you guys can make a delicious vegetable juice for everybody!)

Funny Carrot Costume

Hilarious Cheap Carrot Costume for Adults!

Funny Carrot Adult Costume

Funny Carrot Adult Costume

Adult-Costume Carrot Adult Costume Halloween Costume – Most Adults

Let’s dress up as a huge, orange carrot!!
If you love carrots, this hilarious carrot costume is for you!!
It is packed with vitamin A, did you know that?

Funny Corn Stalker Adult Costume

Hilarious Corn Costume for Adults

Men's Corn Stalker Adult Costume

Men’s Corn Stalker Adult Costume

Forum Novelties Men’s Corn Stalker Adult Costume, Green, Standard

Is there anything better than eating a fresh corn on the cob?
Add some melted butter on top and you are in heaven right?

Well, now you can have your very own corn on the cob Halloween costume!
(You can skip the butter if you want though…. It’s a little messy…)
I love these hilarious vegetable costumes!!

Adult’s Pickle Halloween Costume

Adult's Pickle Halloween Costume

Adult’s Pickle Halloween Costume

Adult’s Pickle Halloween Costume (Standard Size)

Do you absolutely love pickles?
You cannot imagine eating a simple sandwich without a pickle inside?
Then wear a giant pickle costume!!

Child’s Pickle Costume

Child's Pickle Costume

Child’s Pickle Costume

Child’s Pickle Costume (Size: Large)

Hey, your child wants to be a pickle too!
Here he comes!
Make room inside the pickle jar!
(I mean… party…vegetable party…Halloween fruit and vegetable costume party…you get the meaning…)

Adult Mr. Potato Halloween Costume

Adult Mr. Potato Halloween Costume

Adult Mr. Potato Halloween Costume

Adult Mr. Potato Halloween Costume

Of course I wouldn’t forget to include a cool potato costume for adults here!
It’s our favorite vegetable!
(Or ‘starchy food’…)
Now you can become giant potato!
Ears, hat and all!
Have fun!

*Love bananas?
Here you will find the best banana costumes for sale!

Coolest Bananas Costumes!