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Prison Costumes

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links.
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Prison CostumesAre you looking for crazy prison costumes for adults? Then you are on the right prison! I meant, page!

On this page it’s all about prison costumes!

You are basically going to find two kinds of prison costumes for adults: the orange prison costume and the striped prison costume.

I personally think the striped prison costume stands out more and it is funnier!

The best thing about wearing a prison costume for Halloween is that you get to appreciate your freedom, right?
I’m kidding! But for whatever reason, adults really like to wear prison costumes for Halloween! Go figure..

I hope you enjoy my crazy prison costumes selections from here and have a wonderful Halloween party!

We are going to remove the handcuffs now!

Have fun!

Orange Prison Costume Adult Orange State Prison Costume (Sz:Large 42-44)

This is the orange prison costume for men!
It is also very popular!
This one is a size large prison costume, but it is also available in sizes medium, plus and small.

Jailbird Teen Prison Costume Jailbird Costume Teen Jail Convict Pink Black Dress Theatre Costumes

This is a fun prison costume for teenage girls!
It’s a jailbird prison costume!
I love the pink color and the black wings!
Very unique!
(The black boots are not included.)

Sexy Prison Costume Sexy Pink Prisoner Costume

I love this sexy prison costume for young women!
It is very affordable and very complete!
It includes everything you see on the picture except for the high-heel shoes!
I love the striped stockings!

Prison Bride Costume Adult Deluxe Prison Bride Costume

What I love about the prison costumes for women is that there are so many of them!
I love this unique prison bride costume!
It is awesome!
It also includes everything you see on the picture and it is very affordable!

Lady Gaga Prison Costume Lady G Prison Dress Costume

Wow!! How about this awesome Lady Gaga prison costume ladies?
It is amazing!!
I love it!
Very unique and crazy!
Available in all sizes!
Have fun ladies!

Sexy Ladies Prison Costume Sexy Ladies Prison Costume (Size:Small 5-7)

Another fun and beautiful sexy ladies prison outfit for women!
This one is a size small, but it is also available in sizes medium and large!

Adult Sexy Prison Costume Orange Adult Sexy Prison Costume – Orange Stripes – Size Medium

This is an orange striped adult sexy prison costume!
Great for teenagers and young women!
I love the matching hat and purse!

Adult Ladies State Prison Costume Adult Ladies State Prison Costume (Sz:Small 5-7)

This is the sexy version of the orange state prison costume for women!
It includes the orange dress and matching cap.
It doesn’t include the shoes and stockings.

Womens Sexy Prison Outfit Womens Sexy Prison Inmate Halloween Costume

Another cute women’s sexy prison outfit!
It is extremely affordable and it includes everything you see on the picture except for the shoes!
Happy buyers say it fits well and they were very pleased with the product!