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Retro 70’s Costumes

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Coolest Retro Costumes from the 70’s! Let’s Groove!


fun retro costumes

Fun Retro Costumes: 70s Foxy Lady Adult Costume

Welcome to the 70’s!
Are you about to throw a 70’s party?
Were the 70’s your best decade of all times?
Do you absolutely love 70’s music?
Do you miss your 70’s clothes? Do you miss your 70’s hair?
Do you miss your 70’s shoes?
Are you a 70’s fanatic?
Do you still believe you are in the 70’s?

If you answered yes to most (or all) of these questions, then this page is for you!

I present to you some extraordinarily cool retro 70’s costumes!!
They will be perfect for your 70’s themed party!!
(Oh, you are not having a 70’s themed party? Well, now I just gave you a great reason to throw one!!!)

70s Foxy Lady Adult Costume

(Don’t mess with this this girl because she means business!
This is a gorgeous 70s ‘foxy lady’ disco costume!
I love the bright red color!
(I’m sure you guys love something else in this picture, Am I right?)

The 70’s were definitely one of the best decades ever!
It was the disco era!
We had a blast dancing and grooving the whole night long!
When that disco ball started spinning and the disco music started playing, magic started happening!
Those were the good times!
I am in a nostalgic mood today, so I decided to create this page bringing back the best 70’s costumes I could find for men and women!
(Of course back then they were not considered ‘costumes’, they were our regular ‘disco clothes’!)
I specially loved my bell bottom pants and sparkly tops!
I also had a natural afro, so I didn’t need any wigs…Lol
I hope you have a good time here today!
Let us groove!

Play some disco music from the 70’s first!

Are you ready? Did you fasten your seat belts? Popcorn in hands? Classic Coke in your other hand?
Feel yourself going back in time…… Imagine you are back in the 70′s! What’s your first memory? (Not that one……..)
What songs were you listening to?
What were you wearing? See if you ever had any of these 70′s costumes…..

The Foxy Lady 70’s Costume for Women!

70s costume for women

Foxy Lady 70s Costume

Foxy Lady Cool 70s Costume for Women

I love this foxy lady 70s costume!!
It’s beautiful!

I love the way people dressed back in the 70s!
It was so much more fun!

Who wants to be a foxy lady again?
I definitely had this outfit back in the 70’s in all colors!
It was a very common disco outfit back then…
It was very comfortable to dance wearing this…
A few lady buyers are saying it runs a little small, so keep that in mind…
This foxy lady costume is perfect for any 70’s themed party!
I hope you have a blast!

Women’s Discolicious: Cute Disco Costume for Women!

Best Retro 70’s Costumes

disco outfit for women

Beautiful Disco Costume for Women

Women’s Discolicious Beautiful Disco Costume

This ‘discolicious’ women’s costume is one of the most popular and most bought disco outfits from the 70’s!
It has a gorgeous sparkly color, it’s very comfortable and it’s very flattering on any body type!
It is going to look ‘far out’ on the dance floor ladies!
Unleash your sexy 70’s beast in you and have the time of your life traveling back in time wearing this fun costume!
All you nee now are some groovy platform shoes and you’re ready!

Cool 70’s Disco Shirt for Men!

cool 70's disco shirt for men

Cool 70’s Disco Shirt for Men

Forum Novelties Men’s 70’s Disco Dynamite Dude Costume Shirt

It’s time for the guys now!
My husband had several of these ‘shiny’ disco shirts when I met him!
They made guys look very cool!
Very groovy and definitely flashy!
Perfect for throwing and awesome 70’s party!
(Just get a cool rotating disco ball, play some 70’s music and have some fun with your friends!)

Sexy Zebra Print Shirt for Men!

What a Cool 70’s Metallic Silver Zebra Print Disco Shirt!

70s Metallic Silver Zebra Print Disco Shirt for Men

70s Metallic Silver Zebra Print Disco Shirt for Men

Mens Adults 70s Metallic Silver Zebra Print Disco Shirt

Ultra-cool zebra print shirt for men from the 60’s and 70’s!
Available in medium and large sizes.
You are going to rock the party wearing this sexy outfit!!
Will make him totally stand out on the dance floor!

Let’s Play More Classic Disco Music from the 70’s!

Disco Mamma 70’s Adult Costume: Fun 70s Disco Girl Gorgeous Jumpsuit Costume for Women!

Fun Retro Clothing for Sale!

disco jumpsuit

Gorgeous Disco Jumpsuit for Sale

70s Disco Girl Gorgeous Jumpsuit Costume for Women

You are going to look gorgeous in this mamma 70’s costume!! Don’t you see yourself dancing 70’s music already in this costume??
How gorgeous is this 70’s disco jumpsuit ladies?
Who had one too?
They were awesome!
(Except when you had to use the bathroom, of course…)
Jumpsuits were perfect for dancing all night long without being afraid your pants were gonna fall out or something…
I LOVE this very shiny and very colorful retro jumpsuit for sale!
It is a lot of fun to wear, it fits very well and will make you look like a diva!

Awesome Saturday Night Fever John Travolta Costume for Men!

 Saturday Night Fever Costume

Saturday Night Fever Costume

Cool John Travolta Men’s Saturday Night Fever Costume

Now it’s your chance to shine!
Stay alive and do some ‘jive talking’!

If ‘Grease’ and ‘Saturday Night Fever’ were your most favorite movies ever and you want to look (and dance) just like John Travolta, then this awesome Saturday Night Fever 70’s costume is for you!
All your friends are gonna go crazy when they see you arriving as ‘John Travolta’ at the party!
(Just make sure you got the moves! Practice a few disco dancing before…)
A few buyers said it runs a little big…
Other than that it’s absolutely perfect for any disco party!

Here is that Famous Dance Scene of John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever!

Cute and Fun Groovy Retro 70’s Dress for Women!

Fun and Girly Disco Costume

70s dress for women

Cute 70’s Dress

Fun Women’s Retro Dress Feelin’ Groovy

Are you feeling groovy today?
Then wear a cool groovy dress from the 70′s!

How cute and definitely ‘groovy’ is this pink 70’s dress ladies?
They go awesome with those white boots!
I love it!
Great for any 60’s or 70’s themed party!
It is super short though ladies…
Make sure you wear a pair of tight shorts underneath…
Just in case…
(I would definitely also get the white boots!)

Women’s Beautiful Hippie Outfit with Cool Black Bell Bottom Pants

I LOVE these Cool Retro Pants!

beautiful 70s outfit for women

Women’s Hippie Costume Female with Patterned Top and Flared Trousers

Women’s Hippie Costume Female with Patterned Top and Flared Trousers, Multi, 2X

This is one of the most beautiful and sexy 70’s outfits for women from here!
I used to have tons of these pants!
They were my favorite style!
Beautiful retro pants!
Perfect for that 70’s themed party you are going to soon! (Right?)

*Do you also love them?
Then just click on them!
(Yes, you will also get the cute paisley top!)

Cute and Girly Floral Hippie Costume for Women

Gorgeous 60’s and 70’s Hippie Outfit

cute floral hippie outfit for women

Women’s 60’s Revolution Hip Flower Child Go-Go Costume

Forum Novelties Women’s 60’s Revolution Hip Flower Child Go-Go Costume, Multi, Standard

Hello girly girls!
Ladies, let’s all go back to the 60’s and 70’s with this cool and very girly floral hippie costume!!
Yes, Sir, I Can Boogie!!
I LOVE these cool floral bell bottom retro pants!
I would wear them now!

Cool 70’s Black and Silver Stars Disco Shirt for Men!

coolest disco shirt for men

Coolest Disco Shirt for Men

Men’s Adult Costume Disco Shirt, Black/Silver, Large

This gorgeous black and silver stars 70’s retro disco shirt for men is amazing!!
Also perfect to wear on a New Year’s Eve party!!
(I’m gonna buy one for my husband! Love it!)

Far out!
Where’s your groovy lady?

Retro Glam 60s 70s Disco Star Gorgeous Gold Jumpsuit Costume for Women!

Super Cool GOLD Costume!

 Gold Jumpsuit costume

Gold Jumpsuit Costume

Retro Glam 60s 70s Disco Star Gold Jumpsuit Costume

I love this cool gold jumpsuit retro costume!
You will definitely shine on the dance floor!
Super lightweight and comfortable!

Who wants to look like a true diva from the 70’s in this gorgeous and very shiny retro GOLD jumpsuit?

I LOVE the shiny metallic fabric!
Beware though: when wearing this all eyes will be on you at all times!
You will be ‘the hit’ of the party!
Better practice those disco dance moves!
You are going to be ‘the beautiful lady in gold’!
This gorgeous jumpsuit fits women sizes 6 to 10.

Cool 70’s Costume for Women

Women’s Boogie Babe Costume

Cool Women's Boogie Babe Costume

Cool Women’s Boogie Babe Costume

California Costumes Women’s Boogie Babe Costume

Who wants to boogie all night long in this awesome 70s costume?

Now you can dance a little bit closer all night long!!
For all the groovy girly ladies of the 70′s!
A ‘swell’ retro outfit!
Let’s groove tonight!

Colorful Psychedelic Disco Girl Costume

Psychedelic Disco Girl Costume

Gorgeous Psychedelic Disco Girl Costume

Psychedelic Disco Girl Costume Size: Women’s Small 5-7

I gotta say that I love hippie costumes!
(Because they are colorful!!)

This ultra-FUN 60′s and 70′s psychedelic disco costume is perfect for a retro themed party!!
I LOVE it!!
Beautiful colors!
Don’t stare at it too long though!
Far out!!!

Women’s Psychedelic Swirl Silver Disco Diva Dress

Amazing Retro Costumes!

Women's Psychedelic Swirl Disco Diva Dress

Women’s Psychedelic Swirl Disco Diva Dress

Women’s Psychedelic Swirl Cool Disco Diva Dress

This is one of the most amazing retro costumes ever!
I absolutely love retro disco dresses!

This ultra-cool disco costume for women is gorgeous!
I LOVE to dress in SILVER!
It’s very eye-catching and perfect for the dance floor! 🙂

It is very short though, but it looks amazing with some cool white boots, just like in this picture!
It is available in all women’s sizes!
Enjoy it ladies!

Flower Power Hippie Adult Costume

Very Cool and CUTE Hippie Costume for Women

cute floral hippie costume

Cute Floral Hippie Costume for Women

Flower Power Cute Hippie Adult Costume

Flower power!!
What a cute ultra-FLORAL pink, blue, yellow and purple hippie costume for women!
If you have always wanted to dress as a hippie, but still look cute, this is your costume ladies!

I love floral retro costumes!!
They are the cutest!
This is a very cute 70s pink floral costume for women!
Yes, it does include the cool pink cap too!
Have fun ladies!

Bright Red and Zebra Pimp Costume for Men!

cool Men's Pimp Costume

Coolest Men’s Pimp Costume

Coolest Men’s Pimp Costume

How about it guys?
How about this red and zebra print pimp costume for men?
Are you up for it?
It’s pretty cool!
Will definitely get you lots of compliments….
Everybody will look your way when you arrive wherever it is you’re going dressed like that…

Cool Platform 70’s Shoes!

retro platform shoes

Retro Platform Shoes from the 70’s

Cool Retro Shoes

These are awesome retro platform shoes available in several colors including glitter green and zebra print as well!
Perfect to complement your groovy 70’s costume!