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Ridiculous Halloween Costumes

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links.
**All links on this page are affiliate links, meaning I get commissions for purchases made through those links on this page at no additional cost to you.

What are the most ridiculous Halloween costumes for sale?

ridiculous Halloween costumes

Men’s Super Sperm Costume

Are you looking for the most ridiculous Halloween costumes for adults being sold online? Look no further!
On this ridiculous Halloween page, you are going to find the most hilarious and ridiculous Halloween costumes ever created!

Fun World Men’s Super Sperm Costume, Multi, Standard

Why wear a boring costume if you can look ridiculous?
Why look “normal” as a boring vampire or boring witch if you can look absolutely ridiculous as a giant penis or outhouse?
Stand out in the crowd of vampires, zombies, and witches by wearing a ridiculous Halloween costume!
Everybody will be laughing at you and with you!

I absolutely love ridiculous and funny Halloween costumes!!
They are the best!!

Be bold!!
Be funny!
Be shocking!

Wear the most ridiculous Halloween costumes this year!!
I guarantee you will totally stand out in the crowd wearing a stupid Halloween costume!
If you are too shy, but still would love to wear a hilarious outfit this year, choose a funny costume that covers your face!

My favorite ridiculous Halloween costumes are displayed on this page!

This Super Sperm costume is one of the most ridiculous Halloween outfits for men ever!
*Ok guys!!
Who has the courage to dress as a super sperm next Halloween?
I dare you……
If you have balls, wear a super sperm Halloween costume!!
(Watch out for the super egg……)

Absolutely hilarious!
I hope you have fun at your party!

I hope you enjoy my ridiculous selections on this page and have a good laugh!
See you next Halloween!
Have fun!

Ridiculous Outhouse Costume for Halloween

Ridiculous Outhouse Costume for Halloween

Ridiculous Outhouse Costume for Halloween

Hilarious Adult Outhouse Costume

This hilarious adult ‘outhouse’ costume is definitely among the most ridiculous Halloween costumes for men (or brave women) being sold!
It’s perfect for someone with an ‘urgency’ to go…
(Just pray nobody has ‘to go’ on you though….
I love it!!
Just imagine how ridiculous you are going to look among all those monsters, vampires and witches!

Ride on Funny Adult Costumes

Ridiculous Halloween Costumes for Sale!

hilarious ride on costumes for adults

Novelty Ride On me Sumo Costume

Mascot Costume Unisex Halloween Cosplay Novelty Ride On Clothes

This ‘Sumo’ ride on men’s costume has got to be one of the most ridiculous Halloween costumes for men out there! It’s absolutely hilarious!
Choose from many other styles and have a blast!

Don’t Want to Grow Up Ridiculous Halloween Costume for Men!

ridiculous Halloween costumes for men

Don’t Want to Grow Up Costume

But Mommy, I Don’t Wanna Grow Up (X-Large)

*Sometimes you just want to feel like a baby again…
When the urge strikes…..
Wear a Baby on Mommy’s back costume!!
(Don’t forget your bottle…..)

This ridiculous Baby on Mommy’s back Halloween costumes is one of the most popular funny Halloween costumes being sold!
It’s absolutely hilarious!
Perfect for all the ‘momma’s boys’ out there!
Now you can let your ‘baby’ side come out!

Hilarious Halloween Baby Adult Couples Costume

Cry Baby Adult Costume for Couples!

Adult Baby Costume

Adult Baby Costume

Ridiculous Cry Baby Adult Costume

Who wants to dress in a ridiculous adult baby costume, diapers and all?
This is your chance!

Now you and your husband can both be big babies next Halloween!
Just wear this ridiculous couples baby costume!
(I truly hope you guys won’t need any diaper changing……)

Inflatable Hippo Funny Costume Adult

Extremely Ridiculous Halloween Costume!

Funny Inflatable Hippo Adult Costume

Hilarious Inflatable Hippo Adult Costume

Rubie’s Inflatable Hippo Adult Costume, As Shown, One Size

Do you want to look extremely ridiculous next Halloween?
Then I strongly suggest you wear this hilarious inflatable hippo costume!!

Love the pink tutu! 🙂

Old Lady Looking for Lost Puppy Ridiculous Costume for Men!

lost puppy funny costume for men

Ridiculous Lost Puppy Costume for Men

FunWorld Womens Lost Puppy Humorous Costume

This is one of the most hilarious costumes so far!!!

Who has the courage to wear this ridiculous outfit?
At least you don’t have to worry about “shrinking” your stomach….

Help the old lady find her lost dog!
This is the most hilarious and ridiculous Halloween costume for men being sold in my opinion!
Will have everyone laughing!
It includes a stuffed bodysuit, pink and white polka dot dress with attached stuffed dog and Lost Dog sign.

Giant Inflatable Penis Ridiculous Costume for Men

ridiculous men's costumes for Halloween

Inflatable Big Bird Costume

Hilarious Inflatable Big Penis Costume

When all else fails… be a dick!

Who wants to be a giant penis?
Well… If you are proud of it…. Why not?
No more additional comments…..

All I can say is: if you are a d….ck head.. then dress the part!
You can join the super sperm over there…

Wear a ‘happy’ penis costume next Halloween and show everyone you are proud to be a man!

*I am assuming you are a man who wants to be a d…ck… But women are also welcome to become a huge penis for the night! 🙂

Funny Double Occupancy Costume for Men

Hilarious Costume for Adults!

ridiculous costumes for men

Double Occupancy Ridiculous Costume for Men

Double Occupancy Costume (Standard)

This Double Occupancy hilarious costume for men is another one of my favorite ridiculous Halloween costumes!
Very creative!
I dare you guys out there to wear this hilarious Halloween costume!!
The polyester foam suit comes complete with the girl and the bed!
Have fun!

Genie in the Lamp: Ridiculous Halloween Costume for Men!

Genie in the Lamp Ridiculous Costume for Men

Genie in the Lamp Ridiculous Costume for Men

Genie in the Lamp Adult Costume

I guess this ridiculous Halloween costume for men is pretty self-explanatory…
Just be careful when guys decide to make a wish…
If you know what I mean…

Adam and Eve Ridiculous Costume for Couples

ADULT Halloween Costumes

Ridiculous Costume for Couples

Hilarious Adam and Eve Halloween Costume

Funny Nudist Couple Jumpsuits Adult Halloween Costumes

Ask all the kids to leave the room now…
This ‘unique’ Adam and Eve Halloween costume is only for adults…
(And what a happy couple they are…)
No additional comments are necessary…
I gather it’s also pretty self-explanatory as well…

Pencil Ridiculous Halloween Costume for Adults

silly costumes for Halloween

Hilarious Pencil Costume Adult

Rasta Imposta Pencil Adult, Yellow, One Size

I guess this ridiculous Halloween costume for guys is pretty self-explanatory….
It’s a pencil!

(I hope he doesn’t need any sharpening though…)

Inflatable Adult Chub Suit Costume Blow up Jumpsuit in All Colors!

The Most Hilarious Halloween Costume!!

Inflatable Chub Suit Costume

Inflatable Colorful Chub Suit Costume

Inflatable Adult Chub Suit Costume (Red)

This is one of the most hilarious costumes ever!
It is a giant inflatable jumpsuit for adults in all colors!!
I love it!
Will definitely make you stand out at your party!
Just pick your favorite color!
(The whole family can wear these chubby suits together! Just stay away from any fire… you don;t want to find out what happens….)

Rasta Ridiculous Costume

Rasta Ridiculous Adult Costume

Rasta Ridiculous Adult Costume

Rasta Ridiculous Adult Costume Adult (Standard One-Size)

Another funny and ridiculous adult Halloween costume!
It’s a Rasta adult costume!
Very popular!
Includes shirt, glasses, and hat with hair.

Couch Potato Funny Adult Halloween Costume

Ridiculous Couch Potato Costume

Ridiculous Couch Potato Costume

Couch Potato Costume (Standard)

Be a proud couch potato next Halloween!
Off with the healthy snacks and baby carrots!
Off with the gym!
Bring the potato chips and soda!
Get lazy on your couch!
Life is short!
(Literally on your case……)

Be truly lazy!
Become the couch potato!

Blow Me Tissues Kleenex Box Funny Costume

Blow Me Tissues Costume for Adults

Blow Me Tissues Costume for Adults

Blow Me Tissues

Oh dear….
I hope you had your flu shot this year….
It’s gonna get very messy for you……

Hey, I’m not judging!
You probably have strong reasons for wanting to be a Kleenex Box next Halloween….
(I just hope other folks don’t start blowing their snotty noses on you…. hahahahaa!)

Banana Peel Flasher Funny Costume for Adults

The Most Ridiculous Costumes for Halloween Parties!

crazy banana costume for men

Crazy Banana Costume for Men

Rasta Imposta Banana Flasher, Yellow, One Size

What have we here?
A happy, crazy banana costume for men! Lol
He is a proud banana I guess…
By the looks on his ‘banana’ face he is definitely ready to get the party started!

Large Garden Gnome Adult Costume

Hilarious Garden Gnome Costume

Men’s Garden Gnome Costume

Forum Novelties Men’s Garden Gnome Costume

Do you love garden gnomes?
Then become one!
Just imagine how ridiculous you are going to look dressed as a garden gnome at your Halloween party!

Ridiculous Cooked Turkey Costume!

Hilarious Inflatable Cooked Turkey Costume

Men’s Inflatable Cooked Turkey Costume

Funny Inflatable Turkey Costume

This has got to be one of the most ridiculous adult costumes I have ever seen!
A funny cooked turkey costume!
Perfect for a Thanksgiving party or Halloween!
(Stay away from dinner tables though… Your color is perfect and you really look well-done!)

Hilarious Inflatable Giant Condom Men’s Costume

ridiculous condom costume for men

Giant Condom Men’s Inflatable Costume

Men’s Inflatable Costume Giant Blow up Condom

How hilarious and ridiculous is this condom costume?
It’s awesome!
(If you are planning on looking absolutely ridiculous that is…)
Always be safe at parties!

Funny Man-Eating Shark Costume Adult

funny Man-Eating Shark Costume

Funny Man-Eating Shark Costume

Man-Eating Shark Costume, Gray, One Size

Oh no!
What a hungry shark!
And you are his dinner!

This is the perfect ridiculous costume for shy people!
Nobody is gonna see you!
You can look ridiculous all you want with this hilarious man-eating shark costume!

Cheeseburger Fast Food Costume

Cheeseburger Fast Food Costume

Hilarious Cheeseburger Costume

Food Unisex Adult Costume (Hamburger)

I guess your love for fast food has gone a little too far…
You are way over your head!